Tracy Trackers

Tracy Trackers

Tracy Trackers came to us to produce a two-minute film to support their new dog tracking device in their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. We assigned Fredrik Falck as creative director, and together with Falck and Tracy Trackers, we created a Wes Anderson-style spot featuring a French bulldog named Pedro. We helped to hone Tracy Trackers vision for Pedro, selected and designed narrative and visual elements and produced lip sync animation of Pedro for the narration. The music, graphic elements and in-app sequence were produced by Tracy Trackers themselves; Founder and CEO Artan Mansouri even enrolled in a music production course to produce the music for the film!

"We went to what we had heard to be the best animation studio in the world, with a storyboard, script and a vision of a talking dog named Pedro in a Hawaiian shirt. We were quickly amazed over Milford’s understanding and execution in bringing our vision to the screen. Going to the Milford studio always gave me a joyful chill deep down in my stomach...Like a creative oasis in the middle of the hectic storm of preparing a successful crowdfunding campaign." 

-Artan Mansouri, Founder and CEO, Tracy Trackers

“Working with animals is always super tricky -- there is no way of knowing what you’re going to get from dogs or any kind of animal for that matter. Luckily a bunch of us on set had dogs so it was easier to understand how to make a dog sit still, look in a particular direction or perform in that sense. And then during CG production, it was exciting to get the dog Pedro talking in a really natural and cool way. I’m very happy with the way Pedro moves in the edit and how that fit into the animation. It was also inspiring to be able to simplify the whole look of things, to just go with clean colors that matched the product and Tracy Trackers’ color scheme, and to be able to use that to make really clean aesthetic choices.”

-Fredrik Falck, Creative Director

The result is a really sweet and understated film which helped achieve Tracy Trackers’ fundraising goal in only 45 minutes. You can view the campaign, which will be up until the end of June, here

Client: Tracy Trackers

Production Company: Milford Creative Studio

Director: Fredrik Falck

CG Production: Milford Creative Studio

Producer: Rebecca Deans

Supervisor: John Roxenhed

Animation Supervisor: Tommie Löfqvist

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