Ogilvy & Mather Paris

Production Co:

Passion Pictures

CG Production:



againstallodds & Jon Saunders

The Coca-Cola Company wanted to celebrate 100 years of the Coca-Cola contour bottle with a TVC campaign featuring an animated story of how the bottle was made. The film takes us through a fantastic visual global journey as the bottle is crafted out of an ice block into its final design with it’s iconic curves and red ribbon.

The agency wanted the tale to be set in different corners of the world. Every chapter in the film were to have its specific graphic universe which captures the younger brother's imagination.

"The biggest creative challenge was to give the film a visual flow that would work well and carry the story through, as fast paced as it was. The sheer mass of the project was challenging in an of itself, with many different locations and characters, as well as mixture of matte paintings and CG."
- Niklas Rissler, Director againstallodds