Empires & Puzzles
Client:Small Giant Games
Director:Adam Marko-Nord
Producer:Claudia Glod
Executive Producer:Johan Gustafsson
Everyone loves dragons, swords and sorcery, right?
Milford sure does, so when the chance came to produce a trailer for Empires & Puzzles, the breakout success game from Finland, we jumped at the opportunity.

This is the first full cinematic trailer produced for the game, and we had the pleasure to work in close collaboration with Small Giant Games, writing the script, developing the designs and of course directing, animating and producing the whole film.

The trailer for Empires & Puzzles marks a distinct new direction in terms of look and storytelling for Milford, and it’s also the first endeavour for Milford to produce a cinematic trailer for a game. The film is produced entirely in key-frame animation as opposed to motion-capture, since this allowed for more versatile acting and nuanced animation that fit the design and narrative better.

Sit back, have some popcorn and enjoy the ride!