First TransPennine Express
Client: First TransPennine Express
Director:Fredrik Falck
Production Company:Milford
Producer:P-G Nordström, Daniel Rådén
En route through the English countryside, First TransPennine Express customers celebrate the freedom of traveling by train.


Building on the success of the TVC "Celebration", agency TBWA/Manchester teamed up with Milford to produce a TVC sequel for First TransPennine Express (FTPE). TBWA wanted to create a movie about traveling and "expressing" yourself to new exciting cities and places. Milford's role as a production company was to collaborate with the agency and FTPE on storytelling that showed that train traveling offers the best way to get out and see the North (of England) and Scotland.


The film shows a FTPE train whizzing from a city, with the camera moving towards and through one of the windows of the train. Once onboard, the pace of the film slows as the camera begins to drift through the busy carriage, picking out different passengers' experiences and ultimately following the line of sight of playing children back out of the train and past a barbershop quartet of cows where the camera then moves up, showing the train whizzing towards its big city destination.

"As in all our work, we see it as important that our structural and aesthetic decisions support the concept and storyline of our films. In this case, the continuous journey is represented in one seamless take, and the inner and outer worlds of the passengers' daydreaming, book-worming, and musical meandering are mirrored in the passing through and back-out-of the passing train."
- Fredrik Falck, Creative Director

"To pass through and back out of a moving train would be nearly impossible if relying on a practical shoot, so in this case the use of CGI was essential, not only to animate the characters on board, but to produce a cut-free film. We decided to produce a realistic rendering of the train, which in combination with drone footage, afforded much flexibility to change the lighting, the time of day and camera angles - changes that would have been cost-prohibitive to the client were they to be made on live action set - while still achieving the realistic landscape and train environment the client desired."
- John Roxenhed, VFX Supervisor

First TransPennine Express
ClientFirst TransPennine Express
DirectorFredrik Falck
Production CompanyFLX
ProducerSandra Fohlin