Go Outdoors
Client:Go Outdoors
Directors:Olov Burman & Fredrik Falck
Producer:Claudia Glod
Go Outdoors
We were lucky enough to produce two commercials for Go Outdoors - The UK’s biggest outdoors stores - with Manchester based agency Driven. The brief was to create animated characters doing outdoor activities like biking, hiking, skiing, and fishing, and then drive the narrative towards a Go Outdoors store

The products featured in the films were to be realistic in terms of appearance and textures, while the characters themselves were to be stylized in a very likable and charming way, to represent the Go Outdoors customers. The audience had to relate to the characters and the situations they were in.

“We really liked Milford’s approach and how they made it easy to understand how it was going to look in the end”, says Chris Lear, creative director and partner at driven. “We are very happy with how it turned out.”