Go Outdoors



Production Co:



Olov Burman & Fredrik Falck


Claudia Glod

We were happy to produce two commercials for Go Outdoors - The UK’s biggest outdoors stores - with Manchester based agency Driven. The brief was to create animated characters doing outdoor activities like biking, hiking, skiing, and fishing, and then drive the narrative towards a Go Outdoors store. The message is simple - “why don’t you, just switch off your phones and tech and go out and do something less boring instead?”.

Milford’s approach was a mix of realism and stylization, combining photographed backgrounds with computer generated foregrounds and characters.

“We had a lot of discussions on how to bring out the realism in the environments and products and still be able to fully integrate the more stylized characters into it, trying different paths to make the two ideas work together”, says Olov Burman who directed the films with Fredrik Falck.