Gothenburg Film Festival
Client:Göteborg Film Festival
Production Co:Milford & FLX
Directors:Fredrik Falck & Derek Picken
Live Action Producer:Simon Hernadi
Milford was approached by the Gothenburg International Film Festival and the agency SCP to produce the opening sequence for the festival and develop the concept of the festival dragon to its final stage of evolution. The dragon has played a key role in the marketing of the festival for the past few years.

In this project our assignment was to create everything from idea to final film including story and creature development, live action and visual effects. Milford involved the directors Fredrik Falck (FLX 2.0), Derek Picken (againstallodds) and the live action producer Simon Hernandi, resulting in a three-minute long adventure called "Carta Marina". FLX helped us lead a team of 60 people on a two-day shoot to produce the live action elements.

"It has been both fun and challenging putting together such a big production and to see so many talented people involved -- from actors, set designer, costume designers to animators and matte painters, contributing with their enthusiasm and knowledge making this vignette epic." -Johan Gustafsson, Executive Producer at Milford Film & Animation.

Creating the dragon required many hours of reference collection and a thorough exploration of how textures, scales, colour and patterning is created by nature on living animals. Our CG team also took into account the anatomical behaviour of the animal to develop a model that works for the acting performance. All this exploration was made to create the perfect form and behaviour of a realistic fantasy creature that also would be a charming character.

"This time we had the chance to do animalistic creature animation with a creature that is a believable being with bone, fat and muscle. An animal that doesn't exist but needs the creditability to look real."

-Jonas Moberg, Creative Director, Milford

During a five-­week period, our team produced animation and integration of the dragon, CG fire, enhancing all environments. The introductory helicopter shot went through massive digital extensions, using CG water and a CG ship. 23 of the shots went through some treatment in CG.