Nike Football


Wieden + Kennedy

Production Co:

Passion Pictures

CG Production:



Dave Scanlon

"We were thrilled to receive the call from Passion with the opportunity to help them win one of the year's most high profile projects. I still remember the excitement of Passion's producer when he rang to let us know that we'd won the project." 

- Johan Gustafsson, Executive Producer at Milford

Milford teamed up with Passion Pictures to deliver content for the blockbuster Nike Football campaign "Risk Everything",designed to weave the Nike brand, the players and soccer football as engaging entertainment for the World Cup 2014.

"A tremendous risk in itself showing nothing but animation for a company and category that rely so much on star power." - Tim Nudd, Adweek

Milford produced three commercials promoting Passion Picture's five-minute World Cup short film "The Last Game". Working intimately with the crew at Passion, Milford had to mimic their exact look and style. The animation style also needed to be the same and all of this was to be coordinated remotely with Passion's creatives.