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We’re very happy to once again be working on this ongoing campaign for Scotiabank. Directed by Kevin Grady at againstallodds, this is the sixth film to feature the popcorn characters since the start in 2015. The films have become progressively more action based, culminating with the last two films - Ticket Dash and Coffee Shop - which involved lots of dramatic shots, swooping cameras and jumping around.

“The fun of these films is to take all the elements inherent to big blockbuster films and to apply them to tiny characters, not typically associated with such attributes, in completely ordinary situations”, says Kevin. “This makes acting particularly important, and with Milford you always know what to expect in terms of high-level performance.”

The scripts are intentionally cliche-based and that extends to the visuals, so Kevin and the Milford crew didn’t need to worry too much about going over the top, because the scripts pretty much demand it.

“The later films have also asked more of the crew, with more technically complex routines, but they met the challenge without fuss”, Kevin says.

“It’s always a pleasure to work with againstallodds and with every new project we do with them, we try to improve our skills technically - from acting to look - and to streamline production to make sure the creatives get everything they’re hoping for”, says Milford producer Claudia Glod.

The original film - 

The Mission

From the very start, the agency trusted againstallodds and Kevin to get on with things. Any feedback was always constructive and informed.

“My favourite part in all of the films is probably in the original one when the security guard faints during the briefing. We then repeated that trick of having him faint at any given opportunity”, says Kevin.