Writer & DirectorAntonio Deiana
Creative directorAdam Marko-Nord
CG SupervisorJohn Roxenhed
ProducersClaudia Glod & Kalle Hammarberg
Sound & MusicHans Schumacher
With An Ordinary Seal, we dipped our toes in the water of long form production, by telling a funny little story with a twist. This also allowed us to develop the in-house storytelling talent and hone our skills.

"Our ambition is to develop this concept further, perhaps a tv-series for a young audience." says Johan Gustafsson, executive producer at Milford.
An Ordinary Seal was written and directed by Milfords animation supervisor Antonio Deiana.
"Seal is a project I've been thinking about for a long time. I wanted to try an exaggerated, cartoony style of animation normally found in 2D, but to do it full CGI. I'm happy with the result and I have loads of other little stories about the seal and the other animals in the Arctic", says Antonio.

An Ordinary Seal has been showcased at several online magazines and is included in the Stash Permanent Collection.