Joom is a Russian-based online marketplace offering affordable prices to customers worldwide.

Joom TVC

To develop a character that is a shopping cart with the personality of a crazy dog on a shopping spree was a great challenge for the Milford team, and a very enjoyable experience for me as a director.

- Adam Marko-Nord, Director

Quirky & Snappy

Online shopping is the sign of the times, and it takes more and more for online retailers to stand out from the competition. So when we received the script for this commercial for Russian online warehouse Joom we were happily surprised with the quirky humor, the snappy action and the - well, to be plain - weirdness of it all!

Kudos to ad agency Miguel Ivanov for entrusting us with the project, it was a ride from start to finish!


Production Co:

Miguel Ivanov Agency
Milford Animation Studios
Adam Marko-Nord

It was fun to think around how to animate this cute lil' cart, and i couldn't find a better actor than my dog, to help me figure out the tones and destroy everything in his path in the cutest way possible!

- Antonio Deiana, Lead Animator

"The animation solution, which is not inferior in quality to the work of Pixar and Dreamworks, has helped us to make videos equally attractive and understandable for any audience - both for children and adults."

Maxim Mikhailov, Joom Marketing Director


Maxim Mikhailov, Marketing Director

Miguel Ivanov Agency

Miguel Ivanov, Creative Director
Dasha Sherstobitova, Creative Director

Milford Animation Studios

Adam Marko-Nord, Director
Johan Gustafsson, Executive Producer
Demian Zarins, Producer
Kalle Hammarberg, Coordinator
John Roxenhed, Supervisor
Oskar Wahlberg, Supervisor
Patrik Öberg, Music
Nathalie Roy, Character Modeler
Mattias Lind, Character Modeler
Kristian Mårtensson, Modeler
Christopher Hernandez, Character Rigger
Antonio Deiana, Lead Animator
Primus Hallin, Animator
Steven Lecomte, Animator
Sebastian Ekman, Fx
Baptiste Malbranque, Fx & Simulation
Daniel Holmgren, Lead Lighter
Linus Holm, Lighter
Laurie Pegorier, Lighter
Kalle Kohlström, Compositor